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03 | Candle

03 | Candle

Paro Home

Introducing Paro Home's 03 | Candle, a light, fruity fragrance blend!

Grapefruit and Mint is as classic a duo as Mary Kate and Ashley, so we decided to start with this and add a little Elizabeth to the mix (still fleshing out this metaphor thank you for your patience) by bringing some fresh herbs and greenery to the mix! Consider it a less generic version and a fresh new face... one that's a little bit taller, too? (I'll keep working on it.) Tart and sweet white grapefruit is balanced with fresh garden mint and fresh eucalyptus, basil, cedar, and a hint of mangosteen. Imagine a fresh, herbal / grapefruit blend for a relaxing summer spa day with a little spritzer in hand and you have our 03 Candle.

Our candles have a 75+ hour burn time. Each candle contains a 13oz wax fill, and measures 4 1/4" high, and 3 3/4" wide.

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