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Wide Infinity Ring - Bright Purple - 6.75

Wide Infinity Ring - Bright Purple - 6.75

Yours by Claire

The You Rule collection is created with a base of colored epoxy clay, which is a two-part compound that cures into a very hard, durable polymer (plastic). It should last many years. If it ever cracks we are happy to repair the crack at no charge (customer pays shipping). The epoxy clay is covered in colored metal leaf and a thin layer of resin.

Size: 6.75

The stones we use are largely vintage Swarovski, Czech, and German crystal gemstones. These stones are very hard, like glass, and should last a lifetime, though they may chip if hit or scraped against a hard surface. The stones should never fall out, and if that happens we will happily repair or replace the item. All pearls are natural. A few styles include other stones like opals, and those will be described in the listing.

CARE: To keep these pieces looking their best, avoid chemicals like hand sanitizer, extreme temperatures, and repeated abrasion. Clean them using a very soft cloth, and if necessary, mild soap and water. 

The surface color is achieved by applying a layer of colored metal leaf, and then a layer of epoxy resin over the leaf to protect it. The layer of resin is quite thin, and can wear down if the piece is regularly abraded. This is not much of an issue with necklaces and earrings, but rings will eventually show wear. See last photo of our prototypes. Claire has worn them regularly for 3 years now. You can see the red epoxy clay showing through, and the spots where the gold leaf remains. This process will produce a unique "patina" on your You Rule rings, which we think makes them look more antique and special ;)

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