Self Love Candle - 14oz Mantra

Self Love Candle - 14oz Mantra

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Mantra Collection:

The Self Love mantra candle is perfect for use in ritual, meditation, manifesting dreams, or to imbue your space with positive energy. It has been intuitively paired with the scent, Blush, to enhance intention.

This candle holds a crystal that is charged under the full moon to infuse the wax fragrance with powerful energy to aid you in self love. The heart chakra houses our ability to love and show compassion and when it’s blocked we have an inability to express our deepest feelings and often feel disconnected from our true self. This causes real blockages in our energy field. 

Light your candle, turn your attention inward & repeat the  mantra: “I love myself.”

Give yourself permission to love all of you and others will do the same.

Each candle is hand poured with non GMM 100% soy wax. No artificial colors or additives and are PROP 65 compliant. 

SCENT: Blush

Blush is an invigorating scent with a combination of citrus fruits and an extra punch of grapefruit. Clean, simple, & uplifting!