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Creosote + Rosemary Cream - 2oz

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olive oil e wax, mango seed butter, organic jojoba oil, natural preservative, wildcraft chaparral, wildcrafted creosote, wildcrafted rosemary, organic, distilled water, aromatherapy

The quintessential desert scent - Creosote ( chaparral) combined with earthy Rosemary make for the ultimate healing cream.

The Power plants of skincare. 

Creosote helps heal sunspots ( discoloration from the sun exposure.) 

Creosote soothes and heals burns and sunburns. 

Creosote repels mosquitos and stops the itching right away. 

Creosote has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties so this cream can be used as first aid in place of neosporin and placed directly on top of minor cuts and minor burns for quick healing. 

Can be used on feet to get rid of odor causing fungus. 

You can use this cream as a facial cream at night. Helps remove sunspots and aging signs, leaving your skin soft and smooth. 
Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant so it causes cell regrowth and fights off free-radicals.

This cream is perfect for healing new tattoos- the creosote fights off infection and the rosemary promotes healthy skin regrowth - it heals tattoos in 4-5 days when applied 2-3 times a day ( the 1 oz size is the perfect amount for this.) 

The smell is like no other. Perfect desert memento. 

Made with local organic beeswax ( can be made vegan upon request). 

* wildcrafted
* plant based 
* cruelty-free
* made in small batches
* 80% organic 
* gender neutral 
* herbal all natural

The ultimate everyday skincare health tool.